January 13, 2008

Today’s Music: “Tanz Mit Uno”, My Dad vs. Yours

I feel the need to explain myself, but I will withhold. In short, this blog is going to be a collection of the more media-based things that go on in my life. I have a private blog over at Livejournal, but it has been friends-only for some time now. If I get to know you, there is a small chance that one day I will friend you. As always, feel free to reach me via commenting here, emails, or over AIM at QuicklyHell. That’s enough of an introduction!

TODAY’S TOPIC: The Folk Music Concert

A few weeks back, while in the process of completing my telecourses from the community college, I noticed a small advertisement on the front page of the website making reference to a free folk music concert occuring today. I read it, thought, gee, I like folk music, and it’s free, so why not. My little brother (at sixteen I wonder how little he is anymore) joined me. It was a nice, pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

The opening trio was a group called Sass!. As far as their live performance was concerned, it wasn’t bad. Having listened to some of their recorded pieces on their MySpace page, I can say certain songs were better live while others sound better pre-recorded. But they were cute, and strange-looking, and admittedly I was a little envious of their natural strangeness. Susan Urban is a wild woman, Sandy Andina is an adorable soprano with a lot of attitude, and Kate Early has just a lovely alto voice.

They were followed by Natural Bob Holdsworth and his wife and bassist, Mickey. I think this was my favorite act. He’s a very talented guitarist, and while some of his music was a little too syrupy bittersweet for my taste, it was all very well composed. He seems very comfortable with what he was doing. I believe this was Alex’s favorite act as well.

The final act was Cooper, Nelson & Early. They were joined by Natural Bob on stage, as he played the bass for them. The ladies sang, and Mr. Cooper both sang and played the guitar or cittern. They were remeniscent of Anonymous 4, just slightly lacking the professionalism and talent, but I’m also comparing apples to oranges here with style. And I’m sure the MCC Conference Center is not the pinnacle of acoustic acheivement.

I also picked up a CD by Mr. Phil Cooper, “The Northland Waltz”. I’ll be listening to it over the next few days and will post a subsequent review. Stay tuned!

Have a cute black and white photo of Leto. This b&w photography is something I want to get better at soon. Batteries are going to be expensive for me, in the future. I can tell. 😦