1.15.08 – Help me please.

Today’s post is brief: I need help.

In the past few weeks, my computer has begun to overheat. I was first clued into this by her random shut downs that, upon restarting, summoned up a single line of white text against an otherwise black screen. This line read:

“The computer has experienced a thermal event (overheating).” And then something like, “Press Enter to continue.”

I then downloaded SpeedFan to try to find out what my computer was doing. I doubt the ability of some of the program – it says I have 4 fans, only two of them working. I have three, and all three are working. It also said my CPU temperature was somewhere around 101*C. It varies. But regardless of the capabilities of the program, I have been having overheating problems. (Please see black screen of death above.)

It appears I have no fan upon my motherboard. I do have a heatsink. But no fan. I find this as odd as you do. But that is how it appears.

Any suggestions? Places to begin, past the fans? My airflow is not the best, but I’ve had this box for almost two years, and this has just started happening.

dear readers
plz send halp
love, myth


2 Responses to 1.15.08 – Help me please.

  1. cappy says:

    Hey it’s me Capcom from your LJ. I had the same problem a few months back. I’m guessing you probably already checked but is it really dusty inside your case? Also you said the airflow isn’t very well, I would try placing it someplace it’ll get plenty. Sounds to me you just need to clean the insides a bit.

    It is super strange your motherboard doesn’t have its own fan…

    Hope my advice helps,

  2. mythezza says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. ^_^ It is pretty filthy in there. I’ve done a few things that have seemed to help so far – I took the side off, I took the duct (that’s supposed to channel the air over the heatsink from the fan) off, and I’ve cleaned off some of the dust. I’m going to, in the next day or two, buy some canned air and get in there and clean it out. I’m hoping that helps. However, I also read somewhere that maybe the places where the heat sink is connected to the motherboard may be coming undone, and that I might have to reglue it. I’m hoping terribly much this isn’t the case. ;_;

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